Everything we make is made one at a time, by me, and for each client individually. We see the greatest value our clients and us to be achieved in creating something custom fit for their needs and situation. Just as every board is different, so is every client.

Our work is predominantly characterized by the use of “live edge” slabs of wood in the designs. We have chosen this as the primary medium and design basis because:

1) it inherently demands the skilled hands and eyes of a craftsman to turn into functional pieces of art and furniture.
2)As of yet, there is no machine that has been programmed to turn the organic shapes of raw slabs into useable and beautiful objects. This fact both allows and forces us to create on a case by case basis.
3) We find no other form of woodworking to be as widely inspiring.


Furniture crafted from Live Edge Slabs makes each project it’s own special case and opportunity.  Each order is custom and made for individuals.  The first step in the process is to discuss the kind of piece you are looking for and the space you are trying to fill.  Contact us today to get a discussion started or Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to stay up to date on what we are working on.  Perhaps something we do in the future will serve as an inspiration to you.