Live Edge Walnut Extension Table with Trestle Base

This Walnut Slab trestle table has been made extra versatile by the matching slab extensions which easily fit at the head and foot of the table.  Without the extensions the table is seven feet long but the full length can be increased to ten feet with both extensions.  The whole table was originally two bookmatched slabs and the extensions were …


Walnut Nightstands with Curved Sides

These walnut Nightstands have live edge slab tops which come from the same figured walnut trees.  The drawer faces have beautiful figuring with hand forged drawer pulls.  At 34 in tall and 3 ft wide these lovely pieces will add a solid, natural feel to any room, while the concave sides lend a modern touch, making these nightstands complement any …


Live Edge Walnut Trestle Table and Bench Set

This dining set has a walnut slab table with live edge and a trestle base.  The two benches are bookmatched walnut slabs with nearly mirror image figuring.  The benches have backs also made from a walnut slab and which are set at and angle for the most comfort. The dining set has a uniform style which fits the type of …


Walnut Extension Table with French Country Style Pedestal Base

This dining table has a classic top made from walnut boards with unique intricate grain to make this simple style exceptional.  The top can be extended from 48″ to 64″ to fit a larger group. The decorative hand carved pedestal base adds a touch of elegance to a ordinary table compared to the more traditional four legs.


Walnut Dresser with Curved Sides

This Dresser was made from several slabs all from the same spectacular, figured Walnut Tree. It was sliced several times to achieve the near perfect bookmatching on the drawer fronts and sides. The Drawers feature both wooden slides and hand forged iron pulls.


Walnut Benches with Backs

These benches are made entirely of solid walnut with the seats made of two bookmatched slabs with near identical grain figuring. The backs are also made from walnut slabs and are set at a slight angle for more comfortable support.  The benches are attractive and the detail of the wood makes them excellent stand alone pieces to add character to …

Sobol, Caldwell Table 326

Live Edge Walnut Side Table

This end table is a delicate piece of live edge furniture which would fit perfectly with any style.  The solid two inch thick slab displays the intricate grain pattern only found in the crotch of a tree.  The top rests on a delicately sculptured base, also carved out of walnut, which makes the whole piece an elegant addition to your …

Sobol and Caldwell 001

Live Edge Walnut Coffee Table with Tapered Base

This unique coffee table is made from a single walnut slab, preserving the natural edges and shape of the tree.  The top slightly tapers at one end and the other end, in keeping with the original contours of the growing tree, flares out to form the crotch of the two trunks.  The trestle base was specifically designed to fit with …

5-Arvay Table and Chairs 026

Live Edge Walnut Dining Set

This walnut dining set, made to hold a large group is a perfect holiday acquisition.  The entire set uses live edge slabs, from the table and bench tops to the chair seats and headrests. The table slab features some great figuring which is highlighted by the mirror image cause by bookmatching. The chair seats, hand carved from slab pieces, also …

1-Arvay Table and Chairs 066

Live Edge Walnut Trestle Table With Figured Top

This walnut dining table, made to hold a large group is a perfect holiday acquisition.  The table slab features some great crotch figuring which is highlighted by the mirror image cause by bookmatching. The live edges of the slab give the table a natural look and the simple trestle base design provides a solid base to work from.