Kelsch Trestle Table- Cherry and Maple

This Dining table was designed and crafted for a local couple that liked several features of my different table designs, liked the live edge, but wanted something that wasn’t just “rustic.” This combo was the result! The base makes this table suitable for a variety of settings.

Spalted Quartersawn Sycamore Table

Sycamore Extension Table This Dining table was made for a local couple that wanted a country farmhouse table but fell in love with this large spalted sycamore slab at my shop since it is a kind of halfway between regular straight edge and live edge. The edge on this slab is rough sawn.

Kura Table – Bookmatched Walnut Table with Benches

Beautifully Bookmatched Walnut Slabs combine with live Edge Benches for a unique dining experience. A local family asked me to find them two slabs to make an 11 ft table that would have enough room for their growing family and room for future grandchildren. I searched for three months till I found this gorgeous pair of bookmatched walnut slabs. The …