Walnut Curved Back, Spindle, Armchairs

These solid walnut armchairs are an original design, a collaboration between my client and myself.  The design was inspired by the classic Windsor and Thomas Moser chairs.  The  seats are made from a solid, two inch slab and carefully hand carved.  The walnut spindles are also hand carved and work with the curved back for slightly flexible comfort.


Live Edge Cherry Dining Table With Nakashima Style Base

This unique dining table is made from two, live edge, cherry slabs, bookmatched with rosewood bowties.  The slabs have elegant wood grain figuring and one uses more bowties to neatly join the splits in the slab, which are also filled with resin.  The characteristic base, with its floor height trestle keeps the table from appearing too heavy and complements the …


Seven Foot Live Edge Walnut Dining Table With Nakashima Style Base

This walnut dining table features two live edge bookmatched slabs with a fine gap in the middle highlighting the individual slabs and showing the sapwood coloration which is usually discarded. The gaps is spanned by six rosewood dovetail keys which, with their dark color and very straight grain, contrast strikingly with the sapwood and figured grain of the slabs. The …


Live Edge Elm and Walnut Nightstand

This nightstand has a live edge elm slab top with natural burly character.  The walnut base has a slight curve to it to give the piece a contemporary aspect. Elm drawer face features a wrought iron handle and the deep drawer itself is highly functional, giving this nightstand the potential to go anywhere in your house.


Live Edge Elm Side Table

These elm slab side tables are a perfect touch for a cozy yet classy living room.  The tops are made from a two inch thick slice of an elm tree leaving the natural edge and the contrast between the heartwood and sapwood.  The walnut base gives the slab top a delicate counterbalance and the colors complement each other nicely.


Walnut Spindle Backed Chair

These custom chairs have hand carved walnut slab seats and live edge walnut backs.  The ash spindles provide a comfortable chair back with the slight give characteristic of this style.  The legs on the walnut bases are tapered to the side in front and outwards in the back and the base is carefully angled back to give the most comfortable …


Live Edge Walnut Trestle Table And Spindle Chairs

This dining table and chair set is an example of dressing up the live edge. The table has a bookmatched, curly grained, walnut slab top with live edge.  The table and chairs were all made from the same log, so the color and grain matches up nicely. The table bas is in a trestle style which is much easier for chairs than the …


Live Edge Sycamore Conference Table With I Beam Base

This conference table has a live edge sycamore top with lots of character and figuring. The slab top was made from two slabs which were bookmatched  to give the width and to create the mirror effect of the wood grain.  The slabs have walnut bow tie fastenings over the splits in the slab which were filled with fiberglass resin.  The …


Walnut Dining Table with Nakashima Style Base

This walnut dining table features two bookmatched slabs with straight, squared off, edges.  The fine gap between the slabs,characteristic of the style,  is spanned by six rosewood dovetail keys which contrast strikingly with the sapwood and figured grain of the slabs.  The ten foot six table is supported by a Nakashima style base which finished off the effect of a …

Sobol and Caldwell 014

Live Edge Walnut Trestle Table

This table is made from a live edged walnut slab.  Its simple design makes it fit in any situation. Bookmatched for extra width, it would be a perfect addition to a dining room or conference room.   The simple design of the trestle base eliminates the problems that traditional legs give, while remaining unobtrusive and leaving the focus on the …